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Hello there.

Behind the Lens

I'm a dreamer, a seeker and doer who finds great joy in creating and capturing connection and beauty wherever I go.

Hello there.

I'm ashly

It's an honor to meet you, I'm grateful we were brought together for this beautiful moment in your life!

A wedding photographer based in Savannah Ga, Finding art and creativity has always been an act of pure joy for me. The fact that I get to use this to preserve a legacy for the most beautiful people from all of the world is such a gift that I hold so close. 

I am a perpetual student of learning and seeker of growth to make photographing these moments an emotional art. 

With pure gratitude, I am an award winning wedding photographer who loves to travel and to engage in culture, people, and the earth. 

Thank you for being here- I cannot wait to chat soon! 

Art is standing with one hand extended into the universe and one hand extended into the world, and letting ourselves be a conduit for passing energy.

-Albert Einstein

Your Guide, Wedding Photographer & Bestie

my favorite people:

Introducing my beautiful family, I am so lucky to have them to do life with. My husband, Sam, and I have five children who are way cooler than we are; Skylar, Luka, Madolyn, Cillian, and Atlas. They keep us busy in the best way. 

If you were to spend the day with us you'd learn that we love musicals (Hamilton being our favorite), history, eating Japanese, playing board games, Nerf gun wars and hide-n-seek nighttime edition- just to name a few things. 

Our house is the house that all the neighborhood children come to and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Some of the things I hear most often from my couples is that I am very calm, organized and great at problem solving, I like to give that credit to being a mother of five little humans.

My Family

My love story

Samuel and I met when we were 14 & 15 years young at a YMCA concert near the coast of Savannah, Georgia. You know how in movies two people who are in a room full of other people are looking around and then their eyes meet and the world stops? That is exactly what happened with Sam and I. Only I was walking in and he was dancing. From that moment forward he has always been my best friend.

We share so many similarities but are complete opposites. Sam is a writer of horror novels and I prefer only things that operate at a high vibration. He cooks (so well) and I bake. You get the picture.

We enjoy sitting outside at night and chatting about our day over hot tea. Having wine and painting with Bob Ross at home for date nights. Making our own sushi. Traveling the world and dreaming big dreams. 


Fun things about me

I love minimalism and organization (Spreadsheets make me happy!). I am full of random facts and I love to read about art, history, science. Pottery and painting are my hobbies. I'm a vegetarian- Ramen is something I can eat everyday. Teas, coffee, and sweet things are my love language.

My Favorite Movies: • Atonement • The Painted Veil • The Danish Girl • Fur • A Lot Like Love • The Other Guys.

     TV shows are hard to catch my attention but a few of my favorites are: • Severance • The Office • Only Murders in the Building • Chef's Table • King of the Hill

I am passionate about clean water and water conservation. With each booked wedding 10% goes towards supporting our planets water.  

Lets Connect! 

Your Team of Wedding Experts

Ashly McCoy - Wedding Photographer is comprised of some of the most talented wedding photographers in the industry. Trained individually under the lens of Ashly, each brings their own sense of joy and light to Ashly's incomparable style and attention to the finest details. With decades of experiences shooting weddings, you're in expert hands. 

Under Ashly's vison and tutelage, your wedding day team has been trained to give you exquisite service, unforgettable memories and wedding photos that will wow you years from now. 

Learn more about our award winning team of photographers here.  

Meet your team

about you

You're a seeker of beauty, a lover of travel, with a taste for adventure and sea salt in your hair. 

Are you a dreamer?

The kind of person who has envisioned their wedding day since they were a child, surrounded by stunning peonies and garden roses as soft natural light washes down over you, the sounds of nature warming your soul. The environment around you as almost as exquisite as you.
Maybe you’re standing on a beach on the Amalfi Coast in Italy as the sounds of the ocean brush the shore, or the church bells of the Notre Dame Cathedral ring out to your love in the heart of France, or you’re under a large Spanish Oak in Savannah, Georgia, as you look your other half in the eyes and say “I do”.

 If this is you, then we might be a perfect fit.

Does this sound like you? Inquire with us.


Heirloom Albums

A timeless gift

Your moments deserve to be captured. Even more than that though, they deserve to be remembered.

Picture this: A moment, sitting by a fire, reliving your favorite day with your loved ones. You reminisce about your big day and immerse yourself in the memories. Is there anything more beautiful than that? 

Heirloom Albums give that timeless energy. More than a simple social media post. But a physical book you can turn to and travel back to those beautiful moments in time in which those raw emotions dwell.

A wonderful gift idea for friends and family members as well.  

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Not just a Photographer in Savannah for local weddings, but a lover of the world. Destination Wedding Photography is a core mindset. From the rolling hills of the French Riviera to Balinesian Sunrise, we'll come to you no matter where your wedding venue is to add our magic to your wedding day. We're just a flight and a rental car away. 

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